Sermon on Exodus 34:1-10

A couple of weeks ago I preached a sermon on Exodus 34:1-10, where YHWH reveals his glory to Moses. Check it out!


Previews of “Paul and the Faithfulness of God”

Fortress press has released .pdf previews of Wright’s forthcoming magnum opus, Paul and the Faithfulness of God. The Previews include the table of contents (overview of the whole and a detailed t.o.c. of the first part), the preface, and the opening—and 74-page!—chapter of the book. Have a look at them here:

Table of Contents


Chapter 1: Return of the Runaway?


Welcome to the new Bear With Foolishness! For a number of reasons, I’ve decided to switch over from my old page to a WordPress blog (and grab a domain name while I’m at it). I hope to be updating this page more frequently than on my old blog, which seemed to get a new post only every few months or so. Lately, I’ve been trying to develop some stronger writing habits (at least fifteen minutes of solid writing every day, usually in response to something I’ve been reading or thinking about), and I figure there could hardly be a better time to try and revive an old blogging habit.

So, in the weeks and months ahead, I can promise you (I hope) some more frequent thoughts, reflections, and notes on what I’ve been researching. Most lately, I have been doing some reading for a summer online class, Church History from the Reformation to the Present, specifically regarding the debate in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries over the extent of the atonement. This interest has arisen out of some prior reflections over the course of the past semester on the nature of the atonement itself, about which I hope to be doing some writing soon as well. While I hope that my research will make it onto this blog, it is still my primary intention to devote this space to broader reflection on theological topics and their import for the church and for our personal lives today. So if you’re interested in joining me, feel free to subscribe to the blog (see below)!